Meet the Hot Male Model Who Has Had S*x with Half of the Men on British Reality TV Show (Photo)

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A man has made a serious revelation about the s*xual orientation of many superstars on Reality Television.


For many years, the authenticity of British Reality TV romances has been a subject of debate. But now, according to a model, Junaid Ahmed, it’s way more complicated than people have ever imagined.

According to reports , Junaid Ahmed, a Mascara Boys star revealed that half of the fellas in heterosexual relationships on British reality TV shows aren’t even straight.

“Loads of them are gay but haven’t come out – I’ve been through half of the current lineup,” he revealed.

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The model insisted that the romps weren’t even kept under wraps and that many of lads in question had girlfriends on their shows that knew about them.

“The girls on the shows know, it’s not even a secret anymore. In fact, pretty much everyone in the industry or on the showbiz social circuit has heard about it,” he went on.

“I guarantee you when one reality star comes out, or if I were to name them, then loads more would follow.”

Junaid claimed that his flings with the blokes weren’t one-off incidents, either. “Some of the guys I have been with have been with, like, five other men as well, so it’s not like they’re just experimenting,” he continued.

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“Based on my experience, I’d say most of the guys on reality TV have gay tendencies.”

Apparently some of Junaid’s famous former flames have even forced him to sign documents to prevent him from outing them, something that he stressed he would never do.

He quipped: “If i really wanted to release a list, I’d be a bloody millionaire by now.”

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