Mourinho sets unwanted new Man Utd record as they draw with Liverpool

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Manchester United recorded their lowest amount of possession in Premier League history last night as Jose Mourinho’s men frustrated Liverpool.

Mourinho sets unwanted new Man Utd record as they draw with Liverpool

United had just 35% of the ball as they looked to break up play and silence the Anfield crowd.

That figure was the lowest United have seen in the league since Opta started collecting the data in 2003/04.

The Red Devils were clearly happy to take a point and worked hard to keep Jurgen Klopp’s side at bay.

United could have nicked a win if Zlatan Ibrahimovic had connected better with a Paul Pogba cross but they had David De Gea to thank for denying both Emre Can and Philippe Coutinho.

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United could be seen playing with a back six at time as they looked to contain Liverpool’s free-flowing attacking football and few will disagree that Mourinho set his side up well.

However, from a neutral perspective, it did turn the game into a dour spectacle for large periods.

Not that Jose will care…

6 thoughts on “Mourinho sets unwanted new Man Utd record as they draw with Liverpool

    1. It matters!. Hw can a multi million team that hv the most expensive players play defence pack the bus game?, Very annoying. If u are not ashamed, others do.

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    1. Haba!, my name sake, you like the way they played?, That's horrible. They just told you the record has never happened and u said is ok?. This not M.united I knw, they hv finished under Morinho. 35% possession playing with Liverpool?. What of if u a playing barca?, you ll have zero. Shame!!!.

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  1. That is the special one for you. When he plays bigger team he defends deeply and makes the game boring and after the game he calls it his strategy to curtail the game but when he plays smaller team that he expect to win and they defend and frustrate him, the special one calls it out dated way of playing football.

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