10 thoughts on “N5bn found in Army General’s daughter’s account

  1. Like Jonathan's wife, this lady & her father will soon pay some corrupt SANs to take EFCC to Court, also some criminals will soon collect money and organize protests in their favor, what a national embarrassment, military Generals are knowns to fight with their lives to build their Nations, only summary executions for high-end corrupt officials like these Generals and their collaborators can get Nigeria out of perilous symptoms of corruption.

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  2. If this agency continue like this for 10yrs , we will finally get the change we all prying for in Nigeria. Well done guys

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  3. Nigeria, a nation of several executive thieves
    Thank God almighty for giving us Buhari, a very upright, transparent and a truly God fearing man
    May God continue to bless Buhari and his men and continue to shame this government's ill wishers

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