No country survives religious war – Sultan

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According to reports, the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, yesterday said there is no country that has survived a religious war and called on Nigerians to unite.



Speaking at the closing ceremony of a programme organised by International Dialogue Centre KAICIID which focus on Intra-religious Understanding in Nigeria held in Abuja, Abubakar said “there are a lot that unite Nigerians than what divide us.”

He said Nigerians must do away with religious extremism and focus on building peace and harmony.

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Abubakar who commended both Christians and Muslims leaders for coming together to forge a common ground, urged them to continue to work together.

“We must take every good word that we learned here to our families, Mosques and Churches. There are many groups that have being working on inter faith. Let’s continue to make use of what we have resolved here,” the Sultan said, adding that , “No country have survived a religious war.”

“Our leaders either Christians or Muslims must do the right thing. It’s important for us to unite and this is a most better forum. We will continue from here. We will not wait for people outside the country to do this for us,” the Sultan added.

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The President, Christian Association of Nigeria, His Eminence, Rev Samson Ayokunle said fundamentalist attacks have given Nigeria a bad name and drive away investors.

He said a large gathering of both Christians and Muslims leaders was very crucial adding that, “We want to put this differences behind us. Let’s support the government of the day to defeat the insurgents.

“Churches and Mosques must raised support for the less privilege. We must raised aid for them to bring back their lives,” he said.

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Oyokunle advised Christians and Muslims to be prompt in condemning the activities of insurgents, adding that Christians and Muslims must do away with prejudices and suspicion.

5 thoughts on “No country survives religious war – Sultan

  1. you are preaching peace now abi,because you have got what you want, when GEJ was in power you and your fulani-hersdsman boko-hari were busy destroying his goverment now you are preaching peace, you are s****d idiot.

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  2. The Sultan would preach peace for his anointed to milk the country for the Hausa-Fulani conspiracy with their new found friends of the West. I am sure, Tinubu will answer for his frolic with the Mallams soon. The Sultan has never found fault in the relentless killings by his Herdsmen, neither Buhari has done. They want to acquire land with Federal money for Fulani to graze in another persons land. Because, cattle husbandry is the exclusive reserve of the Hausa-Fulani throughout the world. No other person can graze cattle, or learn the art of feed cattle.
    He is preaching peace to ensure they milk this country dry in the name of exploring oil in the Niger Basin for non existing oil. In fact, no exploration activity is going on there, but white robe wearing mallams are claiming yearly $billions of dollars yearly from NAPIMS. No one is investigating them, because they are the owners of Nigeria and others must be slaves to the feudal lords as they enslave their illiterate brothers just as the so called men of gods in the West/South enslave people in the name of "nobody should say a thing against my anointed" to collect osusu without contributing permanently.

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