Patience Jonathan must explain source of wealth – CACOL claims

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A civil society organisation, Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, has said the wife of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience, must explain how she came about the funds with which she built a N10bn hotel in Bayelsa State.


Patience inaugurated the hotel, which is known as Aridolf Resort Wellness and Spa, Yenagoa, in April 2015, about a month before the end of her husband’s tenure.

According to a UK business newspaper, The Financial Times, the hotel, which has imported state-of-the-art furniture, can compete with other luxury hotels in developed countries.

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But CACOL, which recalled in a statement on Tuesday that Patience was only a Permanent Secretary in Bayelsa State at a time, said the ex-President’s wife must be made to explain the source of her wealth.

The statement released by the group’s acting Media Officer, Abiodun Rabiu, quoted the Executive Chairman of CACOL, Debo Adeniran, as saying that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission needed no further petition to invite Patience for questioning.

The group said apart from explaining how she made the money to build the world-class hotel, she must also tell Nigerians how she came about the $20m found in five bank accounts linked to her.

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The EFCC had since frozen four out of the five bank accounts domiciled in Skye Bank in the course of probing an ex-Special Adviser to ex-President Jonathan on Domestic Affairs, Waripamowei Dudafa, for money laundering.

Patience, however, filed a fundamental rights enforcement suit against the EFCC and Skye Bank, laying claim to the frozen funds.

11 thoughts on “Patience Jonathan must explain source of wealth – CACOL claims

  1. Let us start with the wives of the northern head of state that looted the country dry,if there’s Abacha loot what of the wife

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    1. Spare us this your silly distraction
      This not about Abacha, but Patience Jonathan
      Must you and your likes reduce this huge case case of massive fraud and public fund looting to a mediocre level
      No judge will ever ask you if you are the only thief around but,you will only have to answer to that usual catchphrase; "Guilt or not guilty"
      You are responsible for your own action or inaction
      It's never an excuse in law that you committed a crime following in the footsteps of another person
      Understand ?

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  2. She must come out and explain to Nigerians how she got $5m. Barstard woman, they put Nigerians into hardship.

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  3. Woman who steals!!! i hate Nigeria...we dont value our people because if we do and truly we have conscience we wont be stealing public fund

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  4. This is a very straightforward case
    All Patience needs to do to vindicate herself is to present to EFCC all her business and tax reciepts as a prove of the legimacy of the money in question
    Okwu agwu

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  5. IBB son of 23yrs had $216 million USD shares in Glo, what do u think of first ladies, late Maryam, OBJ wife, Yaradu wife. Investigate all. OBJ wife bought bought billions of dollars worth of properties in lagos- ikoyi. Secteriate, Duba Hotel festac, etc

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  6. How did Buratai get his property in Dubai, has he been questioned? Where is the former EFCC chairman that shared recovered money n property between his friends and family?

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