Patrick Vieira criticises modern players for wanting to look pretty

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Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira is unhappy with modern players attempting to look good rather than get stuck in.


The former France international was known for his tough-tackling during an incredibly successful career, and thinks that current stars could take some tips.

Vieira’s old club Arsenal are one side to have been particularly harshly criticised for failing to be mentally tough enough, and could do worse than to take a leaf out of their ex-captain’s book.

He certainly wouldn’t be happy with their predilection for selfies after victories by the sounds of this.

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‘Players maybe now want to look more pretty than anything else,’ the New York City manager told the Daily Mail.

‘I feel disappointed when I watch games now because too many players think of themselves. That’s how it has changed.

‘There are still good players, maybe better than we were, but they are looking too much at themselves.’

Vieira doesn’t seem likely to be returning to the Emirates any time soon to help the Gunners become tougher, currently being the New York City coach.

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The MLS side are tied to Premier League outfit Manchester City, and the 40-year-old has been touted as a future Citizens boss.

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