Poll expert eats bug on CNN after Trump win as promised (Photos)

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Sam Wang, like many other poll experts, was extremely confident in a Hillary Clinton winning the US presidential election last Tuesday.


So confident, in fact, that he said he would eat a bug if Trump received over 240 electoral college votes.

That wouldn’t have even been enough to give Trump a win, but Trump got significantly more than 240 electoral college votes, 290 in fact, so Wang, who teaches at Princeton University, followed through on his promise, and ate a bug on TV.

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5 thoughts on “Poll expert eats bug on CNN after Trump win as promised (Photos)

  1. I hope Prof. Wole Soyinka is hearing and watching this!
    The man simply fulfilled his promise, rather than insulting those demanding that he did so!

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  2. Prof Wole Soyinka will eat amala in protest. He will tear "old tribune or daily times newspapers" in lieu of his greencard...lols

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