Popular TV Star Plans 5th Surgery to Correct Wonky Breasts (Photos)

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Popular reality television star, Danni Levy, is planning a 5th boob job to correct her wonky breasts after spending 20,000 pounds on botched operations.

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31-year-old popular British reality TV star, Danni Levy has revealed she has spent £20,000 on four different boob jobs in the last 11 years but she still isn’t happy with the shape of her cleavage after being involved with dangerous PIP implants which left her breasts unsightly and uneven.

According to reports, the ‘Life On Marbs star’ who is desperate to correct the problems which has still left her with slightly mismatched breasts, told Channel 5 show, ‘Celebrity Botched Up Bodies’ that she has ‘unrealistic expectations’ and surgery is now unlikely to solve her body hang-up.

Danni Levy has spent £20,000 on four different boob jobs in the last 11 years

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‘Anything that can go wrong has gone wrong. I just want an even decent pair. I am so not willing to leave them as they are,’ Danni said.

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