Prostitute Breaks Man’s Head After He Offered to Pay for S*x with Boiled Egg (Photo)

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A prostitute flew into a rage and did the unthinkable after a man offered to sleep with her in exchange for a boiled egg.

A shocking incident played out in the town of Mvurwi, Zimbabwe when a prostitute attacked and used a bottle to break a man’s head after he offered to pay for s*x with a boiled egg.

According to reports, Moses Mushonga, 28, walked up to the young lady of the night in the town of Mvurwi in Mashonaland province and manhandled her before touching her breast.

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Not done, the man offered to have s*x with her in exchange for a boiled egg. The man identified as Mushonga told her he just spent his last bit of money on buying two boiled eggs, which costing 0.25 Zimbabwe dollars, the equivalent of less than a penny or a cent.

Insulted by the offer, the 23-year-old prostitute called Chipo flew into a rage, hitting hit him with the beer bottle, and then punched him in the face, before knocking him out.

When he came round Mushonga was bleeding heavily from his head.

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He told local media: ‘She could have just said no.’

Chipo, who was not charged by police, said she simply felt he needed to be taught a lesson about respect.

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