Rahama’s Ban is Logical – Kannywood ‘Kissing’ Actor, Ali Nuhu Offers Explanation

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Kannywood and Nollywood actor, Ali Nuhu has addressed the expulsion of his female colleague, Rahama Sadau from the northern film industry over her appearance in a romantic video with singer, ClassiQ.

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Actor, movie director/producer, Ali Nuhu has been forced to comment on the ban of Rahama Sadau for her ‘romantic’ act with ClassiQ in a recent music video that infuriated the northeners.

This is coming on the heels of an alleged selective treatment and victimisation of Sadau who is far from undertaking intimate roles with the opposite sex like Ali Nuhu in the past. Ali Nuhu in recent interview has defended the actions of Kannywood but advocated for leniency in the judgement that banned the beautiful actress.

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Ali Nuhu said that the recent ban on actress Rahama Sadau is logical as she violated the codes and ethics of Kannywood.

Speaking to news men, He said “I think that the ban is logical. She belongs to Kannywood, started her career in Kannywood and has violated the ethics and code of conduct of Kannywood by holding hands and falling on the guy’s back.”

He however stated that the ban is on the extreme as a lesser punishment would have sufficed. “But I don’t think she should be banned. Maybe a suspension. There are situations where people create big things out of small ones. That is why before deciding to do something, one needs to think.”

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He advised the censoring body in future to take caution before reaching a decision.

“I would advise that in future when things like this happen, they deliberate amongst themselves and maybe call in a few others in the industry before making it public. People do things in an organization and are suspended or given queries. But these organizations won’t go to the media to announce it. It was blown out of proportion,” Ali explained.

Responding to social media critics who feel the ban was selective Ali Nuhu said “About photographs of me in scenes with females, those are from Nollywood movies, many years old, and this code came into light recently, so people shouldn’t think MOPPAN is being selective.”

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