Residents Shocked to Find Dead Baby Inside a School Bag Behind Police Station (Photo)

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The dead body of a baby has been found in the most unlikely place causing some stir among residents in the area.


A black schoolbag has been discovered to contain a baby’s dead body in a South African community.

The discovery caused commotion in the area.

According to reports, the baby was found in a schoolbag lying next to a pair of blue jeans behind a police station.

The discovery was made when a curious passerby stopped to see what was inside, only to find a baby’s corpse.

On Sunday, the women of Batho kasi in Mangaung, Free State, gathered and recalled there was a resident who had fallen pregnant not long ago.

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But her baby was nowhere to be seen.

One of the residents, Malibuseng Sebetso said: “We decided to hunt the woman down. This kind of crime cannot be solved easily by the police.

“However, we know our pregnant neighbours.”

The community went to the woman’s house, which is not far from where the corpse was found.

A cop said the woman claimed she did not know she was pregnant.

“She said she felt something moving in her belly and went to church, where she was given something to drink and the baby came out,” said the cop.

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Another resident, Ntsoaki Moseki (41), said she was glad they worked together with the police to solve the crime.

“This should serve as a warning to anyone who plans to commit crime in our kasi.

“We will hand over every criminal to the cops and if they repeat the crime, we will attend their funeral.”

Police spokeswoman Sergeant Ikobeng Hlubi said the woman (36) was charged with concealment of birth.

“The suspect will appear before the Bloemfontein Magistrates Court soon.”

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