REVEALED: I warned Jonathan about recession, ‘reckless’ spending – Obasanjo

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday accused the immediate past president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan of ignoring warnings about a looming recession and the consequences of the  ‘reckless’ spending of his government.

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He said in Abeokuta that two years ago when he saw signs that Nigeria was walking down the path of recession and the way the powers that be were expending the nation’s resources, he  drew Jonathan’s attention to the danger ahead, but was ignored.

The former president spoke yesterday during a lecture organised by the Youth Fellowship of Owu Baptist Church, Abeokuta to mark Nigeria’s Independence Day anniversary.

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He said the economic situation in the country has turned development upside down as “things are not what they should be.”

He cited the high level of unemployment which he described as a time bomb.

“Unemployment is a major problem in the country today and if we don’t take care, it will consume all of us. In fact, the rising unemployment is a time bomb,” he said pointing out that the high rate of unemployment was responsible for youth restiveness in the country.

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He asked that the situation be tackled with all the seriousness it deserves before it gets out of hand.

He added: “Whoever that has lived to witness the celebration of today should thank God. Things are not what they should be, but we should pray that next year will be better than this year.”

“We thank God for those who are alive, we prayed for the souls of those who have laboured for this country and who have passed on to rest in perfect peace.”

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The former president recalled how he got five job offers immediately he completed his secondary school education at Baptist Boys High School, Abeokuta.

19 thoughts on “REVEALED: I warned Jonathan about recession, ‘reckless’ spending – Obasanjo

  1. I trust Jonathan he will not say anything to reply you because he knows you as Mr know all and he doesn't talk too much like you old f**l

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  2. Humm, so quick we all have forgotten d degredation GEJ put our country into. It's now d turn of PMB Wu cannot boast of quatre of income earned by past govt. To perform magic pls be patient

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  3. It is unfortunate that the Friday and this David talk and never take time to reflect what brought hear is the same way the manage their lives! Those who fail to learn from history eventually becomes HISTORY.

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  4. Baba, u loan $6,000,000,000, $6 billion to a failed bank to survive. How much are you given Nigeria. You are not reach before ur political presidency, but after you become one of the richest african past head of state. We know all these, please close ur mouth. Shamelessman!

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  5. Friday and David are blinded by primordial sentiments of ethnicity and religion. They need deliverance.

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  6. I await the day that blame trading will solve any issue.....these our leaders should concentrate on how to get Nigeria out of recession by positively doing the you warned Jonathan,he didn't listen,big deal..we are all in this together.if Buhari fails,we all fail.the question is where do we go from here?now that we are here,what do we do to get out?the younger generations are still being used as for me,I will not be distracted,the matter don pass APC,PDP,LP,KOWA,ANPP or any other...wise up Nigeria.

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  7. This country had three 3 MAJOR WORSENED corruption government. 1) IBB, 2) ABDULSALAM & 3)OBJ . OBJ should not be talking and blaiming GEJ for the mess this country is going through now , they are the architect of this recession may God see us through IJN Amen.

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  8. No doubt there were avoidable gaffes in the past era; and without attempting to overlook the grave implications, it is also true that no era, the military and civilian dispensations included of was ever free of these avoidable oversights; some of which, were deliberately crafted and motivated by political opportunism, jobbery, venality and unabashed self-interest that entrenched corruption in every government process to make us the fantastically corrupt nation.
    None of this is new and the fact that Nigeria has remained together in the evident lack of a dependable socio-political structure for 56 years is a pleasant surprise that points to the individual will to remain in the union. Perhaps a little orientation towards citizenship away from ethnic sentiments might eventually make the Nigerian nation of our dreams. Nation, Citizens and Unity go hand in hand while the Country, Tribes and Disunity usually find a workable association.
    Unfortunately our's is a country for which the graduation to nationhood is an uphill task. Thanks to the contributions of our self-styled visionaries whose efforts contnuously fail to make the mark.

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  9. If only we reason with what our elders are saying about how and when they tried to advise those in the govt at a particular period, with some revelations of serious mismanagement of our resources, stealing, fraud that has turned us into what we are today, it will be better, rather than say s****d things like the likes of Friday and David. Do you remember late Obafemi Awolowo in 1982, also advised president Shehu Shagari then too, people made noises and felt that the man was saying this because he was in the opposition. When Form R sa

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  10. When Form R started flying all around Europe and containers of sawdust and papers were seen arriving at our ports rather than goods the valuable foreign exchange were meant to import, the light was glaring to Nigerians. It's time to learn from past mistakes and we must be duty bound to pray and support this present govt to succeed. Pray for your leaders and once they are blessed, those under them including the country they govern will be blessed. It's the commandment of God. GOG BLESS NIGERIA

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  11. Let Obasanjo stop claiming to be a saint here. Was his tenure better off than Jonathans? APC claims Nigeria economy was destroyed during PDP years of rule. Was Obasanjo alias BABA IYABO not part of that period as a leader? Why try to use Jonathan as the Guinea Pig? APC fix Nigeria problems and stop pushing blames. If you can't bring about the needed change why deceive Nigerians with the CHANGE mantra during your campaign.

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  12. I have read the comments of some people on this platform pertaining to Chief Obasanjo's comments and the insults plus, the blame game as usual.
    I want to ask some of us a few questions :didn't OBJ wrote letters to GEJ advising him on national issues?
    How many of us know that in western Nigeria in the early 60s, television station was established before Canada and France established their own?
    Why are we at the back stage now? Corruption, greed, nepotism, avariciousness, ethnicism,sentiments, bad leadership, bad followership and the likes.
    Let us join hands to fight those things that divide us as a people.
    God bless Nigeria.

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