Saying Aisha belongs to kitchen shows how much Buhari hates women – Olujimi

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The Deputy Minority Whip of the Senate, Senator Biodun Olujimi, (Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ekiti South) has described comments by President Muhammadu Buhari that the wife, Aisha belongs to the Kitchen as a wake up call for women in the country.


Senator Olujimi jn a statement issued on Saturday described Buhari’s statement as a bad development.

She said, “the statement is in very bad taste especially that it was said beside one of the most powerful women in the world.

“It is an x-ray of the soul. A statement of fact that reflects the composition of this government and the disdain to which women are held by the President and this government.

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“We thank God that women have seen better leaders. By the way, we will not be daunted in our resolve to better our situation. It’s wake up call for us.”


11 thoughts on “Saying Aisha belongs to kitchen shows how much Buhari hates women – Olujimi

  1. It's regarded as hate speech and it's an impeachable offense. Donald Trump is loosing support because of his lawker room talk about women, ours made his close to a woman world leader and live..

    Hmmmm, ur guess is as good as mine

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  2. The president said it the way it is. She is the president's wife first before being firstlady or politician.

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  3. Don't mind these useless PDP woman and her party of devilish people. They are looking for useless excuse to cause confusion for the president. PMB is more focus. I want to ask the yeye woman, the GEJ that gave too much chance to man peace, what is the result. Stealing and looting of our common resources. PMB knows what he is saying. Let this woman go and solve Ekiti problem where her governor is beating judges and talking like a tout garage boy.

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  4. The president did not say anything derogatory to women, he was talking about his wife not any other woman. Aisha is his wife until otherwise proven & he is very free to say anything about her unlike Jonathan who is so weak he couldn't control his wife Patience until she cost him the presidency.

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    1. I guess that Aisha, the wife of PMB, is also a woman! Any derogatory thing said about her because she is a woman, even by her husband, is against women in general!

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  5. PMB saying his wife belongs to the kitchen is not derogatory to her bcos as far as PMB is concerned that's what Aisha is to him. If my wife is the breadwinner to me, that's what she is to me not to any other man. Get that!

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  6. Behind a successful man there must be a woman. Our President should know that there our mother at lest children needs mother advise.

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