See 7 Things To Remember When Negative Energy Surrounds You

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Negativity can affect every area of your life. Identifying negative energy and thought patterns are an important part of challenging yourself and those around you to a more realistic viewpoint. It can improve your relationships and your overall outlook on life.


Keep these things in mind when you find yourself surrounded by negative energy and use them to help you move out of the negative space.


Question your thoughts and the thoughts influencing you. Before you can take action to decrease the negativity that surrounds you, you must question the negative energy to find the source of it. Once you do that, you can begin to remove yourself from the emotion surrounding you.

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Simply trying to eliminate negative energy doesn’t do much for the reason it’s present in the first place. If you don’t get to the heart of the matter it is likely to keep recurring, so keep questioning until you do.

The next logical step in questioning and understanding the negative energy around you is to focus on how to eradicate it, and prevent it in the future.

Why focus on the solution?

The answer is simple: you end up receiving more of what you focus on. With that basic principle in mind, it makes sense to focus on the solution rather than the negative energy and problems associated with it.

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Every day we come in contact with a variety of different people. Some of these people make us happier, and others may have the opposite effect. Who we allow to influence us is up to us and choosing to spend more time with positive people will help prevent a buildup of negative energy around us.

Happy people aren’t happy because bad things don’t happen to them, they are happy because they know how to handle the bad things better. Someone who is happy has similar challenges to those that are not happy. The difference is that they release expectation of what might happen, and focus to create their best possible situation – no matter whether it ends up good or bad.

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Knowing that life could deal you some good cards and some bad ones, and releasing expectation makes it easier to work through situations because you are ready to accept whatever happens. The key is not dwell in situations where negative energy surrounds you and take action right away to move back into a positive space.

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