See How 3 Nigerians Robbed a Supermarket in Dubai with Machetes (Photo+Video)

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Three people reportedly to be Nigerians have been caught after they robbed a supermarket in Dubai with machete.


A man has narrated how three men suspected to be Nigerians robbed a supermarket in Deira, Dubai with machetes. The man identified as Enofe Anthony obviously from Nigeria, said after the attack, the police came and raided the area taking every black person they see to the station.

Anthony said the three unidentified men entered the shop pretending to buy items. They waited for other customers to leave the premises before bringing out machetes and demanding money from the shopkeepers.

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The CCTV footage of the robbery was released by police after the culprits were caught. The Nigerian guy who uploaded the video on YouTube said he spent 3 days in police custody before he was released. He was among the black Africans found in the building that was raided by police.

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