See How Randy Married Man Begging Girls for S*x on Facebook was Disgraced (Photos)

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A woman has taken to Facebook to expose to the public, a married man who has been pestering her for s*x.







A randy married man has been disgraced on Facebook after a young lady he was disturbing carried out her threat to expose him.

The young lady identified as Sotonye Green exposed the conversation in which the man was begging her for s*x as a warning to other married men and women out there.

According to Sotonye, the married man who has been trying to have sexual relations with her, called her bluff even after she had threatened to shame him by putting up his pictures and details of their conversation.

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Sotonye wrote: “Please this is to the wife of this man, he is harassing me with messages even after telling him i would put up our messages here. And now he is threatening me. His wife needs to know this is what he is doing in these hard times.”

8 thoughts on “See How Randy Married Man Begging Girls for S*x on Facebook was Disgraced (Photos)

  1. We men should just try respect ourselves especially when dealing with ladies young enough to be our daughters. Imagine how this man has just disgraced himself, his family & friends!

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    1. Bj, the girl is very much in order for what she did. The man ought to be sensible enough to stop the amorous advances the moment that lady had threatened to exposed him.

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  2. What of the lady, if she has not put a picture that she dressed seductively, n***d and unclading all her b****t. The man will never approach her like that, she's a wore that's how a whore is treated

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  3. idiots...stop putting bitchy comments....i agree with the young lady as I am a young lady, that hilarious man should stop what hes been doing, and start focus on his family. D**k head.

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