SEE list of 8 bills signed into law by President Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari recently signed 8 bills into law.


The 8 bills signed into law include:

Telecommunication and Postal Offences Act (Amendment) Bill,

National Crop Varieties, Livestock Breeds (Registration) Act (Amendment) Bill,

Produce (Enforcement of Export Standards) Act (Amendment) Bill,

Prevention of Crimes Act (Amendment) Bill,

Water Resources Act (Amendment) Bill,

National Agricultural Land Development Authority Act (Amendment) Bill,

Bee (Import Control and Management) Act (Amendment) Bill

Agricultural and Rural Management Training Act (Amendment) Bill.

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5 thoughts on “SEE list of 8 bills signed into law by President Buhari

  1. Segun,it is so surprising that people clap for the so called bill signed, let me ask you. Which one is in the interest of The ordinary people, the bill is pursuant if the northern agenda,to be executed by PMB.why no bill on reduction in electric tariff,no bill on job for our youth,no bill reduction in fuel prices,no bill on salaries of politicians in officei can continue for ages

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    1. You must be one of the naysayers. this can't help you. do u think governing is all about writing easy or you think u are in secondary school learning easy written.

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  2. They are only passing bill that won't work out for the poor, I have a cocoa farm, i apply for a loan in one of federal firm which i was turn down because i don't have money to give them. Who are they fooling, s****d government

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  3. Don't mind them. Every day they tell us about intervention funds for some industries. What they don't tell you is about the stringent conditions attached to access them. I tried to access one recently and they are requesting that my guarantor drops post dated cheques for the loan I requested for. Apart from this, i have to deposit 20% of the amount i requested aa my equity contribution which will be held until i pay final instalment. How many guarantors will be willing to do this?

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