See The Nigerian Senator Caught Sleeping During Plenary Session At The National Assembly (Photo)

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Many Nigerians were left reeling in anger after a Nigerian Senator was caught sleeping during plenary at the National Assembly.


The Senator from Kaduna South senatorial zone, Sen. Danjuma Laah, 58, dozed off as other senators were deliberating on important matters concerning the country.

Many have wondered what could have prompted such unwarranted behaviour from a senator who is supposed to be awake and make meaningful contributions that would help the people he is representing.

“When will our senators take responsibility and behave like adults?” someone commented.

“After two months vacation, this man is sleeping like at the national assembly. Who will pay him for this rubbish?” another commenter added.

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It would be recalled that the Nigerian Senate this week, resumed plenary after 2 months recess.

Many have considered the act exhibited by the senator as a sign of irresponsibility and have called the masses to think well before electing those who will represent them at the National Assembly.

7 thoughts on “See The Nigerian Senator Caught Sleeping During Plenary Session At The National Assembly (Photo)

  1. It happens everywhere go and Google Uganda executives sleeping during national deliberation.its worst than this. The thing is those governing have no zeal for the job. They only need the juicy appointments and money. Reason we will remain like this not until the right people are put in places of authority

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  2. he will be paid sleeping allowance at the end of this meeting. what a shame and shambo this man has put himself

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