See The Shabby State Of NYSC Accommodation In Bauchi Camp

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A Facebook user named Clement Eseh shared these pics of the appalling state of accommodation provided for NYSC members in Bauchi. And he wrote this short note below.



“So my younger sister was posted to Borno state for the ongoing NYSC orientation camp, but she’s camping in Bauchi state due to the security situation in Borno.

“Above are some pictures of the dilapidated building where she and some others girls have been condemned to spend 21 days. The rooms are dingy, infested with bed bugs and a sickening stench of Urine. This is wicked and totally unacceptable!

“Why should a country treat her citizens less than pigs and expect any form of productivity or patriotism from them! It’s a shame!

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“I beg you all to please share this post until it gets to the Presidency. Our graduates deserve better!”

This is really outrageous and unacceptable.

5 thoughts on “See The Shabby State Of NYSC Accommodation In Bauchi Camp

  1. Please scrap this thing called NYSC. How can you subject a youth to this kind of unhealthy environment? They send their children to serve in better places in the South and send our unconnected children to serve in deadly places infested with BH treat and subject them to stinky places like this. NYSC has outlived its value with the inception of BH. Nigeria is no longer one. Let us stop deceiving ourselves.

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  2. NYSC should be scrapped. It has outlived its usefulness and it is just an unnecessary punishment for our youth.

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  3. This disgraceful condition is certainly unacceptable. How on earth can any right thinking person even consider leaving a fellow human being under this condition for 30mins not to talk of days. This is sheer callousness on the part of government, this NYSC scheme shouldn't be a death sentence!

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