See the Topless Women Being Used to Force Over-speeding Drivers to Slow Down (Photos)

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This might come as a shocker! A group trying to reduce the increasing number of motor accidents have invented a new technique which is working like magic.




According to Ruptly, women stripped down topless on a highway in the Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia on Monday in the hopes of persuading drivers to keep the speed limit.

When they noticed a car rushing at a speed exceeding 60 km/h (40 mph), the maximum speed allowed in Russian cities, the half-n*ked women raised road signs reading ’60’ or ’40’.

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Most of the speeding drivers turned out to be men, who immediately slowed down to admire the bare female figures. The public organisation ‘Autodvijenie’ from Nizhny Novgorod organised the flash mob ahead of a September 1 law change that will mean drivers are only fined for exceeding the speed limit by 20 km/h, instead of 10 km/h like previously.

According to statistics provided by the official Russian traffic police, 203,597 road accidents occurred in Russia in 2012, in which 27,991 people died and 258,618 were injured. Additionally, Russian drivers broke the rules 59,617,222 times in 2012, very often by exceeding speed limits.

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