See The Tribal Mark Given To This New Born Baby

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4 thoughts on “See The Tribal Mark Given To This New Born Baby

  1. This is barbaric! , at this age of our time???, Haba!, it's high time we stopped this. *feeling for the baby*.

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  2. @Friday, this is aboki baby o, not Yoruba. That's the way they inflict merciless cuts on helpless babies o

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  3. It's so unfortunate that several folks in sub Saharan Africa still refuse to let go unfounded superstitious believe that has terribly hindered Africa's development over the years
    These people that inflicted such severe pain on this helpless baby ignorantly believe that it is mandatory in their generation to cause such huge trauma on their children or else the family faces terrible repercussions
    A mere imaginary and delusional believe
    So sad

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