See Two Girls Caught R*ping a Man After Drugging Him (Photos)

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A man was left fighting for his safety after two ladies reportedly drugged and sexually molested him.

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Two women have shocked many after they were filmed trying to r*pe a man by forcing him down on the bed and sitting on him before stimulating his manhood. The incident which allegedly took place in South Africa has caused serious commotion online.

The girls, who many believe are s*x workers allegedly took the man to their home and drugged him before removing his trousers. One is seen in the explicit video sitting on top the man half n*ked as the man lay on the bed with his face facing the ceiling.

Another girl could be seen fondling the man’s p*nis as the first girl holds the man’s hands forcing him down. The man struggles but is overpowered probably because he was drugged.

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The clip plays on as the duo continue their attempted r*pe.

Many have said this is really a time of the end time as bizarre and unbelievable things begin to happen leaving many in shock.

8 thoughts on “See Two Girls Caught R*ping a Man After Drugging Him (Photos)

  1. Now we all see that not most of the men arrest for s*x harassment is true cos most of this ladies does that to guys and still hand them over to police to cover them self up!!!especially in Nigeria hear

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  2. Am in SA, can you tell me where it happened? maybe it was a movie scene adelove added here.

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    1. Did u read the story at all? If yes am I the reporter that said it happened in SA or what r u insinuating

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