See What This Lady Wore to a Social Gathering in Lagos (Photos)

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Nigeria and Africa as a whole could be fastly moving towards the stone age of nudity with the current trend which is gaining prominence among music artistes under the guise of entertainment.

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The last Industry Nite held in Lagos State has left attendees with a bit of s*xual fantasies as an unnamed up and coming female singer stormed the stage to entertain fun-seekers with her music.

The lady according to reports ended up harassing the teeming audience with her skimpy cloth that left her thighs, back and a large part of her bum to public view.

The daring lady freely moved around on stage with erotic dance steps as she hopped from one table to the other at the audience section.

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The Industry Nite is a weekly event that showcases the best of Nigerian entertainment in Nigeria. It is a platform for upcoming and established artist, record label execs, brand managers and fans to propagate their art.

7 thoughts on “See What This Lady Wore to a Social Gathering in Lagos (Photos)

  1. With the performing artist daughter of.jazebel, the organiser satanic agent those in attendance devil instrument. All these will have thier accommodation in hell fire if they refuse to repent

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  2. F***s,bloody hypocrites I bet you all this s****d idiots criticising her will pay any amount to have s*x with her!

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  3. These acts are all shines of the end times. Musicians and show biz women are people mostly are on drugs and of loose conduct in that area. S*x generally, is of no moment for todays' society debased. Hence, a true Christian would avoid entertainment centers. The obscene taunting on social media like this and Television is high, talk less you visit the dens of the devil. Nudity is the game to attract customers.

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