Shock as 2 Kids Catch Their Own Mother Having S*x With a 17-year-old Boy in Their Home

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Shelly L. Jensen, a teacher’s aide from Wisconsin, USA, has been caught in bed with a mere boy.


She was busted having s*x with the 17-year-old boy by her son and daughter.

According to reports, Jensen, 51, was sentenced to three years probation and must register as a s*x offender after pleading guilty to sexual assault.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette reports that Jensen had been tutoring the boy in math, English — and apparently life.

The sessions began at West De Pere High School before moving to the tutor’s home.

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But in June, her ex-husband told cops that the couple’s adult daughter and 7-year-old son caught her on separate occasions having s*x with the boy in bed.

The teen fessed up that the May-December machinations took place on three separate occasions during a three-week period.

Jensen at first denied the amorous antics (she told detectives she was trying to get the boy out of a difficult home environment) but finally confessed.

In court, Jensen sobbed throughout.

She apologized to Judge Tim Hinkfuss for her “poor choices” and pleaded for leniency so she could care for two of her children, ages 7 and 11.

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“We can call this anything we want, but it is a sexual assault,” Hinkfuss said.

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