Should Buhari pardon or punish Looters – Nigerians react in new video

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In an interview with ADELOVE MEDIA Team, some Nigerians urged Buhari to ensure that all those found guilty of embezzling the National Treasury are prosecuted. Some urged FG to pardon those involved if they were willing to return such funds while some stated that the insecurity challenges facing the country were as a result of corruption by public officers in the last administration. Meanwhile, let’s quickly take a look at the video detailed below:

This reminds me of a Prophet that says… Why stop at the politicians? Why not pardon the rapists too as long as they return the panties of the girls they raped? How about murderers? Pardon them too because they came to the funeral and don’t forget to pardon the armed robbers too because they are very sorry. They MUST ALL BE JAILED..and this is after they have returned the stolen loot. What’s your thought folks? Let’s hear from you at the comment box below!

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