Stop being selective in anti-corruption war – Ekweremadu tells FG

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According to reports, the Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, on Wednesday urged the Federal Government not to be biased in the ongoing war to rid the country of corrupt practices.


Ekweremadu made the call at a technical session at the ongoing conference on “The Role of the Legislature in the Fight against Corruption in Nigeria’’ in Abuja.

He said that to ensure the success of the anti-corruption war, it should not be selective.

“We live in a society where everybody is treated equally.

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“We live in a society where no one is oppressed because if we are fighting corruption and the fight is selective, people will not be interested in the fight.”

“They will never collaborate in the process. So, we must ensure that in engaging the public, we must also ensure that there is a quality of treatment of people no matter where they come from.

“We must ensure that justice is dispensed and also ensure that there is no kind of nepotism in governance in order for everybody to key into the process,’’ he said.

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The lawmaker said that it was ideal for the National Assembly and the civil society to have been identified as key stakeholders in holding the government responsible for some actions.

“It is important that the National Assembly and the civil society must also hold government accountable in being just, equitable and fair to all concerns.

“This will enable everybody to key into the fight against corruption.

“This is because once there is a perceived case of injustice and case of nepotism in the fight against corruption, we are going to see that the whole thing will be tainted and then we won’t get there.’’

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Meanwhile, the Senste has urged the federal government to conduct the next census in 2018.

4 thoughts on “Stop being selective in anti-corruption war – Ekweremadu tells FG

  1. What a pity national assembly of assemble of collected group of people who gather together for singular a aim of embezzlements the nation resources

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  2. That is a good one vice senate president , FG should stop been selective in fighting corruption... And it seems the fight is more focus on PDP member. And i also want to remind FG that we did not voted to depend on corruption but also to do what even the poor masses who voted them in we benifit as well.

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  3. Senator Ike and Mr Green, I beg to disagree with you in your perceived notion of bias in the fight against corruption by the present administration.
    The government is taking action on arms procurement to fight insurgency by the past government
    Was any other party members benefited from the funds other than PDP members? So, Ike and Green say something more reasonable for the masses of Nigeria to learn from.

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