• (Last Episode 23) Naija’s Interesting Story

    (Last Episode 23) Naija’s Interesting Story

    Me: “you shouldn’t blame my wife dear. You know, not every woman would have accepted you the way she did. Please don’t judge her” I appealed quickly, taking a swift look round the empty Compound once again.

    Me: “where are your parents?” i finally asked curiously.

    Comfort: “mum went to her shop while dad went to see a friend. They never knew you were going to keep your word and show up” she answered.

    Me: “so how about your health?, what’s really wrong?” […]

  • (Episode 22) Naija’s Interesting Story

    (Episode 22) Naija’s Interesting Story

    Me: “i’m so confused right now. You are the only person i just got” i confessed, telling the old man everything about the short meeting i had with my H.O.D and colleagues minutes earlier. He listened with abrupt attention, shaking his head when i was done with my narration.

    Wife’s Dad: “you know you shouldn’t have admitted your affair with that lady before your colleagues. Anyway, that’s not the problem. The problem at hand is now how to fix your current […]

  • (Episode 21) Naija’s Interesting story

    (Episode 21) Naija’s Interesting story

    I ended up promising to check on Comfort the next day, equally parting with five thousand Naira which was the only money i had on me that moment before discharging them. They left thereafter, threatening to show up again if i failed keeping my promise while i headed home to rest and plan ahead.

    I could have returned to my office since it was too early to go home but i just didn’t have the guts to show up there, instead […]

  • (Episode 20) Naija’s Interesting story

    (Episode 20) Naija’s Interesting story

    Comfort: “you slapped me. You just slapped me” she cried, wiping out blood from her nose. I swallowed hard with despair, breathing deeply. Of course I regretted slapping her. She was a woman. Damn.

    Comfort: “you know what?, I don’t need your money. I don’t need your help and i don’t need you in my life. You and your wife should go to hell” she screamed, forcing me to quickly cover her mouth with my left hand.

    Me: “maybe we should talk […]

  • (Episode 19) Naija’s Interesting story

    (Episode 19) Naija’s Interesting story

    Comfort showed up at my house by 5pm looking very calm and a bit curious. I really was extremely nervous having her in my home but there was nothing i could do than to man up and face the situation.

    Wife: “thanks for coming over” my wife politely welcomed her as she settled on my long couch.

    I couldn’t help but notice the cold smile on my wife’s face. Of course she alone knew her plans that fateful evening. Comfort on the […]

  • (Episode 18) Naija’s Interesting story

    (Episode 18) Naija’s Interesting story

    After breakfast the next day, I took my wife out for shopping. We spent almost all day moving from one shop to another, buying almost everything that caught her interest. Later in the evening, I took her to a quiet hotel downtown for swimming, something i haven’t done with her in a long time.

    Of course she was totally stunned and overly happy with my show of affection, and truly i must confess that not only did we have a very […]

  • (Episode 17) Naija’s Interesting Story

    (Episode 17) Naija’s Interesting Story

    As we eat together minutes later, my father in law once again advised me on the need to be dedicated, honest and truthful to my wife just like he did before i married his daughter many months ago.

    Wife’s Dad: “To be candid, i don’t give people second chances once they wrong me, but I just decided to give up this fight for the sake of my daughter and her happiness. We had a very long talk yesterday evening and she […]

  • (Episode 16) Naija’s Interesting Story

    (Episode 16) Naija’s Interesting Story

    Me: “you are not my wife Comfort. You can never be my wife. The best i can do is to support your pregnancy with money. Any other thing you are trying to add won’t work. Believe me i will throw a party if you even lose this pregnancy” i said harshly, melting her eyes with my words.

    Comfort: “okay, fine thanks for everything” she said softly, turned and slowly left my office without another word.

    I always felt bad after using harsh […]

  • (Episode 15) Naija’s Interesting Story

    (Episode 15) Naija’s Interesting Story

    Comfort’s family ruined the Sunday by insisting i marry their daughter, a demand which didn’t go down well with me.

    My father however tried his best to get them listen to us but unfortunately all they wanted was marriage and refused listening to anything contrary to it. We were left with no choice than to head home hours later, extremely angry over the futile journey.

    My Dad: “so what’s your next move?” my dad asked curiously as soon as we got home. […]

  • (Episode 14) Naija’s Interesting Story

    (Episode 14) Naija’s Interesting Story

    Me: “please don’t leave me. I need your love to survive. I need your presence in my life” i poured out while she stared at me with eyes filled with tears.

    Me: “when someone you love misbehaves, no you don’t push him into the fire to burn because the fire not only burns him but burns your soul as well. I’m dying out of grief. Don’t let me die sweetheart” i begged, pushing her to the greatest depth of sympathy with […]

  • (Episode 13) Naija’s Interesting Story

    (Episode 13) Naija’s Interesting Story

    I was still going through my plight, praying, crying and thinking when my phone rang, attracting my attention. I grabbed the phone and sighed on seeing the name of the caller who was no other person than Comfort.

    At first i wanted to decline answering her but the priest’s words came ringing back in my head once again. I breathed heavily, controlled my mood and answered the phone call.

    Comfort: “hello good day, hope i’m not calling at the wrong time?” she […]