These Pre-Wedding Photos Could Melt a Heart of Stone

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Dike Diko photography has scored massive points on the broadsheet of creativity with these pre-wedding photos that paint a real life experience.

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This beautiful couple named Efe Ojeaga and Fola will be getting married soonest with their wedding already set with amazing photos to promote it.

The photographer, Dike Diko painted a real life experience of marriage in his photos with the handsome fiance joining his wife to-be in the kitchen to keep her company.

The colourful pictures reflected the strong love chemistry between the duo as they rocked customized clothes.

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A top commenter on social media has this to say:

“If you tell me these pre-wedding shots is not creative and sweet, then i will know you are simply full of poo or you are jealous. This pre-wedding shoot captures the love-chemistry of a couple before the actual wedding”

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