Traditional Wedding Of A Midget In Akwa-Ibom And His Tall Bride (Photos)

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A couple in the South-south part of Nigeria with a stunning difference in height have gotten married.





This couple pulled massive attention at their traditional wedding ceremony which was held recently in Akwa Ibom state.

According to reports gathered online, what interested the guests at the wedding ceremony was the way the bride comported herself giving her man maximum respect at the event.

The height difference was quite alarming but the beautiful bride covered up from her man who also had an obvious bow leg.

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3 thoughts on “Traditional Wedding Of A Midget In Akwa-Ibom And His Tall Bride (Photos)

  1. When there is money, you have lesser barriers.

    Their s*x life will be limited by this height difference sha.

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  2. @David, from where did u get this your postulation about s*x life having to do with person's height? Please keep your ignorance to urself and don't try spreading it!

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