US footballer vows never to return while Trump is president

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Ella Masar, who currently plays in Sweden, couldn’t stand the thought of returning to her homeland with the divisive figure running the country.


United States Women’s winger Ella Masar has revealed she requested a four-year contract extension with Swedish outfit FC Rosengard following Donald Trump’s presidential election win.

The Republican candidate beat Hillary Clinton on Tuesday evening to become president-elect, but he remains an extremely unpopular pick among millions of voters due to his views on immigrants, Muslims and women.
Trump’s win has seen protests in major cities running over two nights across America as Clinton supporters voiced their displeasure at the outcome.

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Illinois-born Masar, who has been in Sweden for 12 months, is not planning to return to her homeland for the next four years in a bid to miss Trump’s elected term length, adding that she also holds a Canadian passport.

“I went to see Therese [Sjogran, sporting director of FC Rosengard] and asked to sign on for another four years at the club so I do not go back to the US with Donald Trump as president,” Masar, 30, told Sydsvenskan.

“I’m also happy that I even have a Canadian passport.
“I’ve actually met him once. We had to go there for an Easter dinner and I thought then that he was a scary man.”

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Barack Obama will remain US president until the end of January as Trump transitions into power.

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  1. The idiot can relocate to any part of Africa if he cannot stand Trump
    However the fact that Trump is the US president elect cannot change
    So all the bad losers can get lost and never come back

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