Watch Shocking Moment 14ft python Swallowed an Entire Goat (Photos+Video)

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Villagers have been left stunned after discovering that a huge python has been responsible for their missing goats.



This is the moment a 14 foot python swallowed a goat whole after it sneaked up on the creature. The incident took place in Anxi county in the Fujian Province of China.

It was reported that villagers in southeast China’s Fujian Province finally tracked down the huge python responsible for stealing their livestock.

They saw the 4.2-meter-long and 30.5-kilogram python swallowing a goat, all of which was captured on video by one of the villagers in Anxi county.

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The local forestry police, quarantine officers and a snake handler immediately rushed to the scene to examine the reptile.

“The python had already swallowed a goat that weighed over 40 kilograms, so its belly was swollen. It could barely move since the goat was too heavy. So it spit out the goat, attempting to escape. Then we put it in a bag and took it to our snake zoo for preservation,” said Xie Haiyong, a snake handler.

The python was later sent to a snake farm, much to the relief of the villagers.

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