We’ll investigate Tinubu, Dame Patience, others – EFCC

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According to reports, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has said it will probe the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu; wife of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience; ex-Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, and others over corruption allegations.


The Deputy Director of Operations, EFCC, Iliyasu Kwarbai, said this shortly after he received a petition from Human Rights Defenders and Advocacy Centre group, which staged a protest to the EFCC’s Lagos office.

The petition urged the EFCC to probe Patience Jonathan, the source of APC campaign funds used in the last elections, Tinubu, Amaechi and some former presidents of Nigeria.

Kwarbai said: “We’re investigating Patience Jonathan and if she’s found wanting, she wouldn’t go free.

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“If anyone is indicted, no matter how highly or lowly placed the person is, the person would be arrested.

“The person’s status is immaterial to the EFCC. The most important thing is evidence.

“If there’s evidence that the person stole public funds, the person wouldn’t go free.”

Asked if the protest staged by the advocacy group would hasten investigations against those alleged in the petition, Kwarbai said: “The protesters came to our office, not only because of Patience Jonathan, but there were also other matters.

“They talked about Amaechi, Olusegun Obasanjo, Tinubu and others.

“They came to our office and started dancing.

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“We allowed them to finish dancing.

“After that, they submitted a petition against Patience.

“They want us to also investigate APC funds.

“I have already sent the petition to my chairman for action.

“Any petition brought to our office, is always investigated.

“There are however two major things the group wanted to be investigated: Patience Jonathan and APC campaign funds.”

Asked if Tinubu would be investigated, Kwarbai said: “Anybody mentioned would be investigated.

“We don’t shield anybody.

“That’s our job.”

The petition, entitled: “Demand for arrest, prosecution of Patience Jonathan, probe of APC campaign fund and no more sacred cow in the anti-corruption crusade,” was signed by the President of the group, Queen Ameh, and Chairman of its Board of Trustees, Innocent Agbo.

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The group wondered why Patience Jonathan was still walking free when evidences had already indicted her.

The group urged the EFCC to go after Patience, and ex-Presidents, including Ibrahim Babangida, Abdusalam Abubakar, Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan.

According to the protesters, the EFCC should begin to probe the source of the election campaign fund of APC used in the 2015 election. This was even as they demanded for the probe of Tinubu, and Amaechi.

9 thoughts on “We’ll investigate Tinubu, Dame Patience, others – EFCC

  1. Why the petitioners coloured their protest. How do you think Tinubu will be investigated for what? A financial guru that knows the way out before the events? Are they going to probe Tinubu for the Agberos collecting Billions of Naira per month from Danfo and other Bus operators for him that makes transportation expensive in Lagos? Is it the billions of Naira collected through his Mother and now through his Daughter as Yalo Oja monthly that makes him in all aspects the probably the man with the highest stream of Cash inflow, if we do not add the Big Pastors like Adeboye and Oyedepo, Oyakilomes in Billions in endless Osusu collections in the name of god? Or possibly from he South West Governments accumulating from their Security votes for him as the leaders to manage financial issues of the O'dua interest which cannot be contradicted? Is it the lands technically acquired, though, it is corruption that makes him a Trillionaire you are going to probe?
    You are looking for the wife of a president who was holding no political position, one who was in position to receive gifts from people all over the world, go ahead. She could have been in business as any other person like the Alakija's who are from Lagos but holds Oil Wells in the Niger Delta and has became Billionaires in Dollars and second or first riches woman in Black Africa is supposed wife of somebody. Wife of a supposed poor General wears a $250,000 watch, the man owns $1.5million dollar estate in Dubai, yet declared a poor General who became a President. Children and wife Accounts were not declared, that it is a family matter, when the issue of open declaration of assets became an issue. Open declaration of Assets during Yar A'dua and Jonathan was no issue. All were in the open in Newspapers. Then Yar A'dua worth 867million, while Jonathan worth 257million all in Naira. What is PMB worth? Can any person tell us? His children and him are parading everywhere from Presidential countries' visits to United Nations Conferences. We barely saw, even the photo of Jonathan children. So, these PMB children will not become Billionaires after his tenure, when no one knows the current standing, neither the father or mother like the Abachas?.
    It is good to go after housewives of others, definitely, it will be your turn. "Do unto to others what you would expect others to do to you" As simply as it looks, it is the greatest principle upon which godliness hangs besides love God with our whole heart, mind, strength, plus fear him.

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    1. Wonderful but a biased write up Mr. Dickson.
      With reference to your statement, former presidents wife was not a political office holder but received cash gift which she might have invested, which in turn yielded profits, fair statement!
      1. If they were gifts, who are the people that gave those gifts? What business are they involved in?
      2. What business did she invest in and what profits did she make over the years.
      One would expect that with the sum of money involved, there are paper works of some sort i.e. her company registration, proof of tax paid yearly by the business, yearly account statements, bank account statements; which should be readily available on request.
      But our VIP "Vagabonds in Power" steal with an unimaginable level of impunity, that they don't even bother to have such paper-works available in the event that this sort of scenario arise, even if it is doctored.
      We are so used to having rogues who steal our commonwealth, walk freely, while they command so much respect till the day they die.
      A new sheriff is in town and he is doing what he can to fight corruption. The wailers say its witch hunt, others say he isn't doing enough to make the country move forward. I say its good to know that it isn't business as usual for those that have turned our resources into their family inheritance. If the wailers ever get back into power, let them witch hunt there opponents too and hopefully corruption will fizzle out of our system in the nearest future.
      We cannot continue to watch these people to do this to our nation, while the common man wallows in abject poverty.
      Enough is enough!

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