Will You Share Your Toothbrush With Your Partner?

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This is not common but just curious how’s everyone’ opinion about this.. In a situation you and your partner(gf,bf,spouse) went for travel, he/she forgot to bring his/her toothbrush? And in the situation there’s no place to buy a toothbrush in the middle of the night, its time to go to bed,and he /she don’t have toothbrush will you able to share your toothbrush to him/her or let him /her sleep without brushing his/her teeth?

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5 thoughts on “Will You Share Your Toothbrush With Your Partner?

  1. Why not if there is no mouth disease.but if there is, there is no love in spreading infection by sharing toothbrush. ...cheers!

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  2. But una dey kiss so why can't una share toothbrush?? No issue dere except anoda mata dey involved

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