Woman Causes Commotion Online After Posting This on Facebook (Photos)

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A woman left many people fuming with anger after she did this unbelievable thing to a little child and shared it on social media.

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A girl has caused controversy online after she posted a photo of her sister and young baby boy smoking shisha at home. Shisha smoking is considered very dangerous and it could affect ones health.

The photo of the woman and the boy assumed to be 5 years-old received condemnation from people who blasted the girl for putting the boy in such enormous danger.

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The poster claimed that shisha runs in their blood and she posted a photo grid containing photos of the young boy and his mother sharing the same shisha pot and exhaling smoke like industrial chimneys.

People called it an irresponsible act. The widespread condemnation led to police tracing the womena nd arresting them over the shocking incident and introducing a little boy into smoking.
“What kind of a mother introduces her son to smoking at this early stage.” someone asked.

Another person added: “This is so irresponsible.”

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Shisha smoking – also called hookah, narghile, waterpipe, or hubble bubble smoking – is a way of smoking tobacco, sometimes mixed with fruit or molasses sugar, through a bowl and hose or tube.

If you smoke shisha, you’re inhaling in much more poisonous fumes during an hour-long session than a typical cigarette smoker inhales in a few days and this can lead to gum diseases, can cause stroke and coronary heart disease, risking the spread of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis by sharing the same nozzle with an infected person, sexual impotence and can also cause dryness of vagina leaving many with minor injuries after sex.

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But despite the warning about the effects of smoking tobacco by NACADA people still go ahead and smoke. The incident happened in Kenya.

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