Woman Causes Commotion by Dancing With Goat Strapped on Her Back (Photos+Video)

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It’s a bizarre world we live in. A woman has been spotted at an event dancing with a goat strapped on her back.



In this strange video, a Nigerian woman has been filmed dancing at an event with a grown goat strapped on her back. The shocking video which was posted online has taken many by surprise as some reasoned what could have made her do such a thing.

It is not exactly clear which particular part of the east the incident took place, but many people have expressed concern why she could have done such a weird thing.

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2 thoughts on “Woman Causes Commotion by Dancing With Goat Strapped on Her Back (Photos+Video)

  1. Now this ain't a result of weed. It metaphysical - highly spiritual.
    She must be seeking a child and one baba told her to do this. However, from my understanding of myths and legends, one shouldn't stare at such shows cause the charm draws it potency from the onlookers.

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