Woman dies after ‘bungled’ plastic surgery to enlarge her lips and chin (Photo)

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A dentist lost her life on the operating table after she went for an operation to ‘improve her chin’. The woman identified as Maria D died when a plastic surgery operation went wrong in Russia.



Police have opened a criminal investigation into the death of the patient amid reports a widely-used anaesthetic caused her to have ‘convulsions’.

She is believed to have died on the operating table from ‘anaphylactic collapse’ or ‘acute heart failure’ brought on during the plastic surgery procedure. She was just 23 years.

According to reports, the operation was performed by Senegal-born surgeon Marsello Ntire at his Isabella clinic in her home city Volgograd.

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A source at Russia’s Investigative Committee – equivalent of the FBI – said: ‘The victim came to this clinic at the end of October.

‘After a preliminary consultation with a surgeon, who is the general director of this clinic, the young woman was sent to have medical tests and the date of the surgery was fixed – November 16.

‘The patient came for surgery at the appointed time.’

It is understood she wanted a ‘fuller chin’.

‘During the surgery she had several injections,’ said the source. ‘After one of them, she suddenly started convulsions.

‘Shortly after that, her condition stabilised but despite this, the surgeon called an ambulance.

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‘Before it arrived, she had new attack of convulsions.

‘Reanimating measures, also involving ambulance paramedics, did not save her. The patient died on the operation table.’

A criminal investigation into Dr Ntire’s conduct was launched by the committee.

He is being probed under an article of the Russian criminal code relating to providing services ‘with lack of safety leading to accidental death’.

The medic said: ‘While the investigation is going on, we cannot comment. But the woman took all the necessary examinations, and had her tests done.’

‘There were no indications that she was allergic to the anaesthetics, or that she could suffer dangerous reactions,’ he said.

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He explained he did all he could to save her life. Russian reports named the anaesthetic that led to the woman’s convulsions as German-made Ubistesin.

The doctor, aged 55, came to the Soviet Union with his diplomat parents, and stayed on after they left studying medicine in Russia. He has a ‘great reputation’ in the city, according to local reports. He started his clinic in 2000 after working in the Russian health service. He has conducted more than 5,000 plastic surgery operations.

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  2. I can't really understand why a human being that can die at any time will go about engaging in some silly act like reconstructing a mere human tissue that will sooner or later turn into decayed inorganic matter after death
    Madness comes in many colours

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