Woman Strips N*ked and Ride on a Car Windscreen as It Speeds Along a Road (Photos+Video)

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A woman has left many people totally shocked after she stripped n*ked and climbed on the windscreen of a speeding car.




A shocking footage has been posted online showing the terrifying moment a woman said to be from the United States slowly removed her clothes and climbed on top of a speeding vehicle.

The woman put her life at risk to attempt such a dangerous feat as she tries to attract attention and maybe, social media fame.

In the four-minute-long clip, the woman starts by dangling her hair outside one of the windows and asks the other person in the car: ‘How shall I climb out? The side?’.

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After 30 seconds of arranging the camera and jerky filming, the woman starts to remove her jumper, the top underneath and finally her string top, pausing to sit on the side of the front window topless and speaking to camera:

‘Sorry I’m a bada** right now, but that’s what you get.’

She then proceeds to slide back into the car, where she removes her pants, telling the filmer, who appears to also be the driver: ‘Don’t focus on my stomach!’.

She later made her way to the windscreen of the car showing off her n*ked body. The video has attracted attention online as people expressed surprise at such show of crass stupidity.

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  1. I s she crazy . Please assist her : she Must have been cursed by someone . This situation happened in Ghana last year , when an innocent lady , after spending years in Britain , and went home to see the property she paid her relatives to build . How long do some Unscrupulous Individuals continue messing Innocent people Mess up . They forget the law of " KAMMA ." You will reap whatever you sow . Thank you .

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