Women Strip Totally N*ked to Protest Outside Argentina’s House of Congress (Photos)

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A group of women who want the ban on public nudity lifted and freedom of expression upheld have stripped totally n*ked in protest.






Many were left stunned after a group of women stripped totally n*ked outside Argentina’s national congress in a protest about objectifying women. The four women stripped in the Plaza de Los Dos Congresos, in Buenos Aires, Argentina yesterday.

According to reports, the members of the Urbanudismo campaign are calling for the acceptance of the n*ked female form, saying their actions are neither sexual or provocative.

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However, the police cut short the protest as many passersby felt uncomfortable.

Urbanudismo spokeswoman Paula Brindisi told Argentine newspaper Larazon: ‘We want to promote the acceptance of being naked as natural, and not as something perverse or sexual.’

She said supporters are taking action in order to take ownership of their bodies, and defy limitations on public nudity.

The Urbanudismo movement is in favour of breastfeeding in public, and freedom of expression, and says public nudity ‘will please many, not harm or offend them’.

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