You Can’t Hold Nigeria To Ransom – Buhari Warns Niger Delta Militants

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President Muhammadu Buhari has warned Niger Delta militants that they could not continue to hold Nigeria to ransom. The President’s warnings were contained in his broadcast yesterday.

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Buhari’s warning to the militants came barely a week after the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) resumed hostilities following several weeks of ceasefire to facilitate dialogue on issues in the area.

“I will deal with Niger-Delta militants”

“A new insurgency has reared up its head in the shape of blowing up gas and oil pipelines by groups of Militants. This administration will not allow these mindless groups to hold the country to ransom.

“What sense is there to damage a gas line as a result of which many towns in the country including their own town or village is put in darkness as a result? What logic is there in blowing up an export pipeline and as a result income to your state and local governments and consequently their ability to provide services to your own people is reduced?

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“No group can unlawfully challenge the authority of the Federal Government and succeed. Our Administration is fully sympathetic to the plight of the good people of Niger Delta and we are in touch with the State Governments and leaderships of the region. It is known that the clean-up of the Ogoniland has started. Infrastructural projects financed by the Federal Government and post amnesty programme financing will continue.

“We have however, continued to dialogue with all groups and leaders of thought in the region to bring lasting peace.”

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7 thoughts on “You Can’t Hold Nigeria To Ransom – Buhari Warns Niger Delta Militants

  1. Muhammad boko Buhari, you promise your northern people that you will lead the way to rescue their imaginary kidnapped school girls but till now you haven't find your way to sambisa forest. Do you /can you find your way to the creek now because oil is involved? Oya nah if you really believe that one Nigeria is because of oil #

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  2. Generalistic and empty speeches by a retired and empty-headed general. Before you deal with Niger Delta militants, finish up Saraki's case at the CCT and arrest Buratai or ask him to resign. You think you can play on our intelligence while the naira goes on a free fall in the international market. Very visionary-less bunch of idiots holding us hostage.

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  3. This yellow card issued to those criminal militants is long overdue
    They obviously are now taking their luck too far
    Those thugs parading themselves as activists know too well within themselves that they are only fighting for thier own individual pockets and not for any Niger Deltans
    After all some self serving thugs like Asari, Ateke, Tompolo etc have made billions of dollars for themselves in the guise of one f*****g militancy
    These touts are now thinking why wouldn't they have a go and make their own money
    They should get jobs in their own interest before they all end up in destruction

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  4. David- Quote Very visionary-less bunch of idiots holding us hostage Unquote. These are your s****d , greedy Niger delta militants I suppose.

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  5. I just hope the Niger Delta leaders would impress on their sons now to stop the unwarranted distructions for now so that our country can begin to move forward. No right thinking head of state would allow this to continue. The time to stop this is now.

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  6. @David have gone through your comment above without doubt it's senseless, why not think before makes any comment as its byforce would like you to ask your self if there's any sense in blasting the gas line. You said no, okay. Why not advise you colleagues if they have anything reasonable in mind they find there way to Abuja Aso Villa to express there self or fight PMB him self than causing whole Nigerian nightmare.

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  7. Can a people who are not entitled to Light, Hospital, Universities, Schools, Roads for over 62years feeding an ungrateful nation Nigeria hold Nigeria and Nigerians to ransom?
    PMB do not know where these guys come from in Nigeria. Your gas means nothing to the common man in the Niger Delta. It does not supply light to them, they are in darkness for the years their land provided the Crude Oil to feed those in the upper land. Except lights they see from Shell and Chevron and Co house boats. In Delta, Edo, Bayelsa, Rivers State, Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers, you hardly find two Federal educational institution. Whereas, in places like Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Kaduna, Zaria, Sokoto, Maiduguri etc, one would lose count with the fingers. Yet, Buhari regime removed the only Marine University in Niger Delta region where the rivers and creeks leading to the open Sea to Zaria by his renegade sponsor, Amaechi to Zaria in the land without Water. If GEJ was that bad, and he came from where there has been nothing, he would had spent all his years bringing his constituency to the standard of the rest of the Nation, which he did not do. But supported agriculture which cannot be practiced in his land as a result of oil pollution; and further went on to work in Hausa-Fulani, and in the West. He could have been excused of the Criminal Negligence which all politicians in Nigeria prior to May 29th 1999 campaigns agreed, that the Niger Delta was criminally neglected by Nigeria's Central Governments over the years.
    OBJ removed NPA HQ to Lagos, that it has nothing doing in Abuja and gave the building to the Nigerian Navy. But he did not see nothing wrong having NNPC in Abuja, and NAPISM in Lagos far away from the Oil Wells in the Niger Delta.
    Bob Mali of Jamaica, Reggae philosopher said, "Every one who seeks peace, must first seek justice." PMB has not seek justice, but since he gain power along with his new friends who are the best enemies of the Niger Delta people. The Yoruba people have continued to beat the war drums for PMB as their strong General to execute their wishes they would not like to do by themselves.
    If you are asked, would you agree for your environment exploited, damaged, resources milked by a person who has come clearly to tell you; "that he will use the resources to better only those who voted for him? And he removes a University and School situated in your region and tell you, I am taking it away? What will be your response? And the Western Nigeria Controlled media continue to beat the drums of war and accusations that reaches the heights enough to start acts of genocide against the Ijaw people, as if the PDP governments of the past were all ran by an Ijaw man? Or PDP is Ijaw and must be killed? And worse, the Man GEJ did very little. In fact, the Ijaw nation would have faired better if Yar A'dua had not died. East-West Express linking two acclaimed Oil Cities (whose oil companies employed only Yoruba people in majority because the oil companies maintain their Headquarters in Lagos) Warri and Port Harcourt awarded by OBJ in 2006 and never provided capital vote for it, therefore, no work was done before he left Abuja. This road work was not completed by GEJ and his shameless Minister of the Niger Delta, Mr. Godsday Orubebe in 6years.
    Niger Delta Ministry was used as PR, while NDDC statutory allocations accumulated from OBJ era and those within GEJ governments were not released for the development of basic infrastructure in the Niger Delta. Why must the Schools key to Human capital development be closed by Buhari only in the Niger Delta? Has Buhari closed schools funded with the Oil money from the Niger Delta in other areas of the country that do not experience the suffering faced by those living in the Niger Delta where the Oil is produced? Now, the whole Nation know that the oil has being the mainstay of the Nigerian economy for the past 62years. Can anyone answer the question, " What is the impact on the Niger Delta and its people?" Answer............ Destruction of environment, socio-economic life of the people, degradation of the ecology. Ogoni without vandalism is a simple example. It will take 30years and UNited Nations $1billion Dollars, not Nigeria and Oil Companies that enjoyed trillions of Dollars profits from the Niger Delta, and the cause of the destructions. And Note... Ogoni land is less than 5% of the NIger Delta destroyed by SHELL and her Sister Companies before the militancy. Let us negotiate the way forward, and BUHARI and his friends say, NO. While I do not belong to persons who believes in violent, but J.F. Kennedy once said, "Where dialogue fails, violence is eminent" That is what is facing the Nation which have proved ungrateful and criminal.

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