You Won’t Believe What a Woman Was Caught Wearing on Her Hair in Public (Photo)

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A photo making the rounds on social media has shown a woman whose style has gotten many people totally surprised.


This is the photo that is currently causing a buzz online.

The photo shows a young woman in a public place wearing two strange pieces of hair ties.

At first glance, the hair ties look like normal ones seen everyday on ladies as they about their duties.

However a closer look at the woman’s head draws some more curiosity.

The woman’s hair is nicely held in place, alright, but by two hair ties which happen to be iron sponges used for washing plates and pots.

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Social media users have reacted, since the photo emerged, with divided views on the matter.

While many people feel the woman is just trying to be unique with her style, others feel she is just a local lady who has only just recently come into a Nigerian city.

What do you feel about this woman’s style?

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  1. She's making fashion sense, it's her hair and on her head and I think it's no body's business. Woman you rock.

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